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Shell's sponsored red Engine Car Ferrari brand

In the engine

Shell is working with Scuderia Ferrari to develop future fuels and lubricants that will help improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, whilst at the same time delivering optimum performance.

Shell's sponsored red Engine Car Ferrari brand

Power unit & fuel

Showing the race cars engine and spining 180 degree rotation

Shell V-Power racing fuel & Shell Helix Ultra

Engine from car, test tubes and Shell V-Power branded bottles

At the racetrack

Shell is delivering and implementing innovations at the racetrack that are designed to help contribute to the decarbonisation of Formula One.

Shell's and Ferraris Red Engine racecar, animated driving on the track crossing the finishline
Background visual of the race track with stands side by side and a striped finishline
Shell's carbon neutral generated fuel from their power plant, consisting of farm land agricultural and Headquaters

Carbon neutral generator fuel2 to power Scuderia Ferrari's on-track operations

From 2021 at all European races, Shell started providing Scuderia Ferrari with a biofuel for its trackside generators that can help reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to the fuel used in the previous year3. The fuel is made of 60% renewable feedstocks, such as agricultural waste and used cooking oils, and 40% Shell GTL (gas-to-liquids) fuel, derived from natural gas.4

Zandvoort Dutch Circuit and Shell providing power generation from the enitre event

Event support at the Zandvoort Dutch GP

Shell is proud to support Circuit Zandvoort and the Formula One Heineken Dutch Grand Prix by supplying all event generators with Shell GTL fuel. This alternative diesel fuel burns more cleanly than conventional crude oil-based diesel, resulting in a reduction of local emissions.

In 2021, Shell has given its Trackside Laboratory (also known as the Shell Track Lab) a refresh, using lightweight materials throughout to ensure weight-saving in overall transportation as it travels around the world, lowering the CO2 emissions from transportation.

Red engine car on the racetrack animated driving end to end.
Background visual of the race track with trackside Laboratory as the racecar drives along
V-Power team looking at test tubes and testing renewable methods
V-Power team wearing driver gear with helmet looking at dashboard analysis and metrics for racing performance
V-Power team group shot hanging out together

Off the racetrack

Shell's commitment to contributing to the decarbonisation of Formula One, in collaboration with its innovation partner Scuderia Ferrari, also includes a number of initiatives beyond the racetrack.

Shipping boat transporting cargo powered by Shell natural solutions, animated sailing.
Shell cargo truck running on diesel transporting goods on a road, animated driving.
racetrack and river background for the boat to sail through and the truck to drive on.


In 2021, Shell started using R33 Blue Diesel in its logistics truck that delivers fuel products to all European races, helping reduce CO2 emissions by at least 22% compared to conventional fossil diesel. R33 Blue Diesel is composed of 33% certified renewable components strictly derived from waste and residues, like used cooking oils.

Ferrari Plant

Shell provides natural gas and certified renewable electricity to Ferrari's Maranello plant to help power Scuderia Ferrari operations.

Ferrariā€™s Maranello plant headquaters supplied energy from Shell, vector illustration styled image